Friday, March 18, 2011


I feel like the past five years of life have been met with dissatisfaction. I had many things that I wanted to accomplish, none of which have been successful. I'm still hacking away at the books, taking tests and failing most of them. At times I wonder if its worth it. I'm studying something that I find extremely interesting but have a hard time living it. I look around at all my class mates (most of whom play sports or step into a gym every week) and wonder what I'm doing there. I haven't stepped foot in a gym in year and other then walking my dog three times a day I have no sustained exercise. On top of that, my diet is atrocious. I spend more time eating in my car than anything else. I choose not to go to a gym because I feel threatened, insecure, and inadequate. Why? I don't know. However, I have let my fears dictate my life. I have missed many opportunities because of my desire to hide myself from the world. So here I am, attempting to invent my life. First challenge to invention: Overcoming the Rock Wall of Fear, Tuesday @ 3pm. I look forward to the challenge.